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PES 2017 Will Feature 30 Argentinean Clubs

Konami have today announced that PES 2017 will feature 30 Argentinian clubs in the game.

To mark this special announcement, Konami have released a new trailer which show some of the teams in action in PES 2017. Here are the teams present in PES 2017.


Enjoy the trailer and let us know if you’re happy with the Argentinian teams in the comment section below.

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32 thoughts on “PES 2017 Will Feature 30 Argentinean Clubs
  1. Are you mad, u clown! I have been playing PES since the first winning eleven on PS2 and i play it because of the mechanics and the way the game moves. There is something about PES that true football fans can see and, FIFA will never have that imo and they overcompensate by having all the bells and whistles i.e. Licences. You’re just mad that the leagues in your continent are dead, the only time we play your teams is when we need a confidence boosting win on the game lol. At the end of the day i am entitled to my opinion, this is a public forum im not here to convince you and make you agree with me and trust me you mug, there is no chance u will change my views. I stick to what i have said, like it or lump it

  2. If you knew football then you would know that South Americans do well against Europeans in The FIFA Club World Cup.
    Also European leagues arent that great
    There are English clubs that pay 30 million for shit players
    La Liga is a joke because there are only 2 giants that have an infinite amount of money and buy all the best players in the world and once every blue moon atletico madrid win the league
    Lige 1 is even worse because cause it’s all PSG
    Bundesliga same as La liga but Bayern Munchen usually
    wins it
    Italian league got interesting when Inter and AC Milian stop being the usual winners but then once again it got ruined by Juventus being the usual winner lately
    Let’s not forget 2009 UCL
    Uefalona vs Chelsea
    Lastly, European football is known for fixing games.
    The Europeans are ruining football in my opinion

    Copa Libertadores is more Intense than Champions League
    Champions League it’s all tactical and no heart
    Plus big Clubs in Europe has the fakest fans (Expect Borussia Dortmund)

    Copa Libertadores has passion and Beautiful plays
    The Fans there are real even when their team is losing they still sing and chant all way till the game ends

    I do Agree that all but The Argentine and Brazilian leagues are horrible in South America.

    Watch some football to understand football

    If you were a real fan of PES you would know why it’s hard for Konami to get more License and you should be happy that they are focusing in these South American Leagues so that could get more money from different revenue so later they could get more license.
    The Leagues they have now is what they’ll have for a while till they could get a chance to take leagues from EA once their contract with certain league exspire.

    Also I see Alot of Europeans interest in MLS , MX, and J1 league
    Are you even European?
    Do you even Have a Favorite Football team thats from your country or did you pick a team like Barcelona or Real Mardid so that you would look cool in supporting those team and be a glory hog all time?

    I really question your football knowledge. You must be a very popular person with a shitty personality and inferiority complex.

  3. Sorry but i didnt read your bible verse, just waffling on about nonsense. You’re nobody, getting emotional because i expressed an opinion about your poor leagues. Deal with it! People are allowed to think differently to what you think you imbecile. You responded to my initial comment, i am not the one badgering you because you have an alternate view to mine. Tired of responding to you, i have made my comments on this Argentine bs announcement and that is that

  4. shut up! I know you read it and you couldn’t accept the loss!
    I don’t feel great beating some idiot who didn’t know anything about football but I won’t let you insult the sport that is part of my culture!
    uncultured swine!

  5. What you think about pes2017 i love pes2016 i play a lot 4 or 8 hours daily i hope will be the simular becouse i can score of free kick on pes 2016 i think i will do same on 2017

  6. Now i”m Scared i read on websites fifa 17 and pes 17 will be the worst game ever i pre order pes2017 a week a go i hope that”s not true… I Play pes16 i love it….

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