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PES 2017 Will Feature 30 Argentinean Clubs

Konami have today announced that PES 2017 will feature 30 Argentinian clubs in the game.

To mark this special announcement, Konami have released a new trailer which show some of the teams in action in PES 2017. Here are the teams present in PES 2017.


Enjoy the trailer and let us know if you’re happy with the Argentinian teams in the comment section below.

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32 thoughts on “PES 2017 Will Feature 30 Argentinean Clubs
  1. I’m happy that all 30 teams from Argentine league is licensed but ML and BAL with that league will be less exciting because Copa Libertadores and Copa sudamericana will not be included.

  2. It’s going to get worse
    FIFA is scared of PES so they try to get license away from them (La liga)
    Konami’s other games aren’t bringing money (Metal gear survive will make them lose millions)
    lastly, Konami is bad at negotiating

    Adam bhetti said ” licenses are never a reason to play PES” yet in his interviews he won’t shut up about their premium partnership with Barcelona

  3. Konami is not bad at negotiating they are realistic and dont have deep pockets like EA. They are like a mid level Spanish club competing with Real Madrid for the same player. Financially they will never be able to compete. They make do with what they have. Besides the OF functionality will truly fix everything this year.

  4. 4 years since they changed the passing system, and guess what, it’s still just as bad as PES 2012, fundamentally ruining the game. The shooting also feels numb. Goalkeepers have improved though. Only took 6 years…

    Still no mention of a proper competitive co-op mode either, like Legends mode in PES 2011 with a 4v4 league table, player stats etc…

    Maybe il comeback and try it again in 6 years

  5. Yes but it cannot fix the problem for Xbox users or it cannot add authentic feelings for clubs (licensed stadium, etc.).
    We have to make Bayern and other german teams byourselves (including no life updates).


  7. Xbox has always been crap with OF’s. Been like that since day 1 of the 360. As a fan of PES and playing on a console the Play station is the only way to go.

  8. This is a joke right? You let go off both Spanish licences and Italian licences to only get borussia Dortmund and arsenal plus Liverpool in the game !

  9. I agree, I have a PS4. But from a marketing perspectieve, it is not a good development because you will ignore millions of Xbox users and miss out potential revenues!

  10. Thats not it. EA threw money at La Liga to have it exclusive for them. (It’s like the English league) but there is still a chance that they can get more Spanish license.
    Only 2 teams are not licensed in the Itialian league.
    EA has a partnership with Juventus, Bayern Munich and Manchester United
    Konami doesn’t have the money that EA has.

  11. I get your point but it seems konami went 2 steps forward in pes 2016 and now gone 3 steps backwards, pes are gonna struggle big time next year when the UCL & Europa league become invalid!


    Had the Brazilian, Chilean leagues etc on PES2016 never used them once. Pointless


    Just because you dont play them that doesn’t no one plays them

    I for one enjoy watching the Argentine league (River Plate fan since birth )
    Its a good league where the youth players are always going to Europe clubs quickly and veterans come back from Europe and end their career at their starting club

    PES 2014 I went crazy because for the 1st time I could play the Argentine league plus participate in the Copa Libertadores in ML and BAL

    Be grateful as a European you still have UCL and Europa League

    South American wont get Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana

  14. Read what i wrote, “people in Europe..” Obviously South Americans will play with the teams they are familiar with, but im sorry South American football is poor. The standard is nowhere near that in Europe and even you cannot dispute that. Instead of adding yet more South American leagues, they need to work harder to get the elite European licenses rather than losing them.

  15. Argentina and Brazil aren’t poor leagues
    Back then clubs from those countries (Uruguay as well) use to dominate European clubs search up “Intercontinental Cup”

    Most European Clubs would be trash without South Americans players
    Look at Barcelona front line
    Luis Suarez

    We create amazing players from our South American leagues
    Yes there are poor leagues in South America but this could be said the same in Europe

    Also btw getting more European leagues or Clubs is not possible because EA FIFA has all the good one

  16. We are not talking about how good the teams were back in the day, were talking about now. Yes, south america has supplied Europe with many great players and essentiallly been a feeder continent for the bigger and better teams in Europe hence why we need to have more European teams.. We are going round in circles here, i just dont want to end up in a situation where PES have all the South American leagues, all the Asian leagues, African leagues, MLS etc then the European teams are all fake because that would be tragedy. In my opinion, they are overcompensating for their lack of European licences by having more poorer licenced leagues and teams from around the world. Gloabally nowhere else has more appeal than the Premier League and La Liga and they need to work harder to focus their resources on acquiring these licences. Period

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