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PES Year-On-Year Sales Down By 1.8 Million Units

Konami has today released its Q3 financial results, revealing that compared to same period last year sales of PES are down by 1.8 million units.

As shown in the table below, PES isn’t mentioned specifically (just the soccer genre itself), but it would be fair to assume that PES 2014 makes up a large chunk of that 3.72 million figure. It’s worth noting that for the five previous years PES sales have also been down, but the difference has never been as big. Just to compare, 0.21, 0.83, 0.40, 0.45 and 0.05 million, these numbers cover how much the sales were down by in the last five years during the same financial period.


In the PDF released by Konami, they do state that the figures shown should be looked at with caution and certain factors taken into consideration, including changes in economic conditions and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

Although this applies to all the genres mentioned, the pie chart below shows that the PlayStation 3 still is where you lovely people continue to play PES. Something for Konami to bear in mind with PES 2015 coming to next-gen? Maybe.


That 3.72 million figure is up until December 2013, so it’s more than likely to have improved at least a little bit by now, especially with the November 2013 release of Winning Eleven 2014 in Japan. If that is the case, when the full financial year’s figures are released there should be an improvement, but as it stands PES 2014 is on course to get the unwanted lowest selling PES game of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation title.

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  • Vanillasky82

    So you are saying that you wont buy pes15 even though if its awesome?

  • Valderrama

    PES is the only game i play …since the beginning. 2 Answer ur Question. No boubt. I,d be the first 2 buy it! Konami just don,t have that REP.

  • Shox Skywalker

    Yea, there was zero attention paid to tactical options in this game. It is awful and deservedly down in sales.

  • BCFC2012

    Only 1 xbox game is 720p 30fps(dead rising 3) no multiplatform game has the peformance gap of 1080p 60fps vs 720p 30fps, you clearly do not own an xb1 if you did you would not be spouting such nonsense.

  • lelly

    Check out tomb raider and check out near release games, there is some sort of a gap so why pick the lesser machine? I play my XB1 more than my PS4 cuz PS4 is lacking games atm and I like Forza.

    Why should Konami go exclusive to a machine which is weaker for raw gaming power and selling less than the more powerful gaming console?



  • JinSundar

    PES 2015 is amazing…. :P

  • Khir Iskandar Shah

    pes2015 have myclub..their can cover it with online business