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Podcast 135 – PES 2014 Revealed

After a bit of lull in the world of PES, we’re back with podcast number 135 and it’s a big one.

PES 2014 has been officially revealed, with a lengthy press release and a few screenshots. You’d think a combination of both would be making the news, but it’s the lack of PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita versions that everyone is talking about. Twitter, comments on news posts and even our very own forums have been full of people displaying their concern. It’s been manic to say the least.

Alan, Nico, Suff and I grab our mics to discuss all of the above, hoping to ease concerns and look towards what could possibly be the best PES yet. So grab the beverage of your choice, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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  • Salem Milan

    Make the game more fair specially in the gameplay. It’s not balance just play with strong teams and win easily. I tried to play with weak teams and no way, no way to beat them. Teams like Real Madrid, Man City, FCB etc. are SUPER. PEPE in everywhere like there is 3 PEPE in the field. CR is super that no way to cut the ball and he can score in any conditions and position. Higher rating get super advantage who are above 700. Set piece is crap, I recieved so many goals because of silly set piece. Last time I played with Viola againest Juve and the result was draw 1-1 because of this feature. He selected tall player by using R3 and socred easy goal. Tactic should be more manual because what I noticed is when I play attacking the againest players will support the defense without using the tactic. As I said RM, MC & FCB got super advantage like you are playing againest 22 players !!!

  • lelly

    When they announced it I kind of understood why they kept it this gen, to focus on the biggest market and give us an actual great game so good on them, but with the new engine in production for a long time maybe we felt that it should have come to PS4 this year, anyways as long as I enjoy PES 2014 on ps3 then ill be more than happy and it allows me to shop around an get a good deal on the PS4 instead of run out on day 1 an buy it, @Zado, I will join you in that car game but im most likely getting GT6 1st, are you getting GT6?

  • John Davidson

    Targeting the lack of PS4 is an easy thing to do, but think about it. If PES 2014 were to be on PS4 as well, in what way would it be different to the PS3 version? It would just be a port of the PS3 version to PS4, which runs 1080p. There would be no other difference – everything else would be exactly the same.
    So why so many complaints?
    We all know that Konami made a sweet golden balls-up with the PS2>PS3 transition so give them time to phase into PS4 development, unless you want another generation of disappointment.
    And if you’re too impatient to wait for PES 2014 in 1080p, then get the PC version. Problem solved.

  • Chaose109

    Dont know why people are complaining about no ps4 version. TBH there wont be a large install base of the ps4 i.e. in peoples homes. Sure you might buy one on launch day but many people hold out a year or two for the price to be cheaper or a refined iteration of the console (slimmer?) or more games etc etc – see the ps3 (personally i bought mine when the slim version came out and it was cheap with a great deal). Therefore, publishers hold out and wait for more ps4′s to be in people homes before allowing developers to create a game on next gen, for the sole purpose of selling more copies to a larger audience and making money.

    I, myself, will be waiting probs half-a-year to a year before purchasing a ps4 unless the price is right on launch and there’s good amount of launch games for the system. Also i could see whether there’s problems with the new system e.g. the first PS3 had problems becaue of the backward compatible chips causing overheating issues and YLOD.

  • PES 6 King

    A Podcast and you’s dont talk about the screens released?

  • Ricardo MG Medina

    Take a look at what EA showed us 3/4 weeks ago and think if having the game in new gen is imperial?
    Graphics could look better, but the game itself will be the same.
    I’m happy to wait as long as this PES, with a new engine, improves gameplay, animations and introduces new game modes on and offline.

  • Zado316

    The app can’t find ur podcast.

  • lelly

    Thinking about it, if Konami was to just release a port onto the PS4 then it would feel EA of them and we would be pissed off, im sure EA did FIFA next gen this year cuz of their deal with Xbox and Microsoft asked them to make it to help their sales of the console.

  • JMJ Beats

    Seabass is working on next gen Pes. I think Pes2014 will be average as well. So we must wait another year for a whole new football experience. Now after so many years Konami realizes that Pes6 was a miracle. It is and will be the best footy game in the history of videogames.

  • AsimT

    We focused on the main issues following the reveal, which was next-gen and Vita. In addition to that, we talked about features and did actually touch upon the screenshots briefly. Thanks for your comment though.

  • AsimT

    Which app are you using?

  • 6JoffreyBaratheon9

    TROLL again and again .. LOL go to wank on FIFA 14 trailer ^^

  • 6JoffreyBaratheon9


  • lelly

    I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet but it was going along the right path, the screenshots aren’t the main focus for most of us on this site so the podcast wouldn’t have focused on that understandably, I think the podcast was great (from what I heard so far) as they were focusing on the exclusion from next gen which was our ‘hot topic’ on this site and not the screenshots, keep up your good work guys.

  • PES 6 King

    Joffrey what a name lol your getting obsessed with me. Im not that way inclined. Stop following me around like a little smitten puppy.

  • FiFa 14 Tips and Tricks

    wow! thanks you very much this is superb. great job!

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