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Podcast 138 – PES 2016 Wishlist

It’s been a couple of months, but we’re back with episode 138 of the WENB podcast.

I’m joined by the B-Man from PES United, so expect lots of “shit yeah” and other expletives. That aside, with E3 2015 on the horizon, we give our recent thoughts on PES 2015 and talk about what we’d like from PES 2016. The base for the latter is my article on Red Bull UK, talking about what PES 2016 needs to improve.

It’s a good one! Plus, listen until the end for a funny story involving Transformers, Michael Bay and Charlie Ward from PES United. Hilarious!

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26 thoughts on “Podcast 138 – PES 2016 Wishlist
  1. I wish Seabass was back making WE/PES..

    I wish Konami would stop this ‘feedback’ shit.. Because if they have to ask people what is wrong & needs improving there is a big problem.. They seem to do fine back in the PS2 days without us..

    Its the idiots saying “i want arabic commentary..” Type of bullshit that puts the development of the series back..

    Fix the fucking game.. Then add the arabic commentary & fucking eskimo leagues ffs..

    & stop spending money unnecessarily on community leaders & other people who dont really help the series..

    Heres hoping that they make the right decisions..

  2. 3 key reasons why FIFA got the jump on PES. 1. They detached the ball from the player to become like PES. 2. They introduced cutomizable controls so PES fans could transition better. 3. Gameplay sliders. This is the one that is KILLING PES!! If FIFA didn’t introduce this feature they would not have the market share they currently enjoy. PES need to do this as a matter of priority. All the best sports games have this feature! And make classic players a major feature of the game. This is where PES could at least compete in the licensing department! All they need is the rights to one legend of the game and they could base a whole career mode around it. Anyone want to see Batistuta at modern day Real Madrid, or Baggio at Man Utd? Or Rivaldo playing with Messi at Barca?? Cmon, it’s not that hard!! Also, more cutomization in all areas. Greater attention to OFFLINE modes. FUCK online. Konami can’t do it and people don’t want to play online anyway. Offline is where any sports game bread is buttered. Konami – I am here if you want me to sort your shit out! Don’t be fooled by the awards from last year, FIFA is still light years ahead.

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