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PS4 Pro Support Coming to PES 2017

Konami have today revealed that PES 2017 will be getting PlayStation 4 Pro support.

The news was revealed by the official PES Twitter account, who confirmed the news:

Getting a PS4 Pro and have a 4K TV already? This should definitely be news for you! Let us know if you plan on getting a PS4 Pro in the comment section below.


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17 thoughts on “PS4 Pro Support Coming to PES 2017
  1. You’re an absolute cock-end.. Were you dropped on your head at birth..?? You say the same shit on EVERY POST..!? We get it.. You love pes.. Freak..!!

  2. Been away along time , me thinking Adam working for Konami was great news augmenting the sites status also bringing the community closer to Konami and Pro helping to move it in the right direction but exactly the opposite happened,

    All i see is Adams boy’s play pro earlier than everyone else…… thats it

    Don’t know if it’s Konami but they just don’t get it!!! real talk and no disrespect but Adam’s not part of the community this sites not part of the community any more!!!!

    NO POSTS , seems like a chore for them man to come on here! NO PODCASTS,


    Whether the gameplay is great or not… FIFA will always beat PES because its lack of ambition and the product not fulfilling the consumers needs, (feels like an unfinished game every time you buy it)


    Gamings evolved , games like The last of us changed the industry giving the consumer much more of a broader interactive experience ,

    PES lacks in so many ways the worse is….. Konami don’t want to compensate, (even if they don’t have the licenses)

    Stadiums … ok heard someone post it earlier if you can’t get the licenses create generic ones or similar ones…. or put back the stadium Editor let us make our own


    It has numerous modes that have longevity ONLINE is 90% relaible , Updates weekly, and much more fulfilling as a package,

    I’ve heard Konami say the same thing ever since bringing in the FOX engine to Pro 2014 ( Focusing on Gameplay) and to be honest after playing the demo I’m not blown away, i actually prefer FIFA 17’s gameplay , tired of watching Shit animations mixed with decent animations mixed with good animations , you have Barca players FFS ( can’t you get animation sessions with there players) When you put the level on superstar the computer is dirtier than a strip club and gets away with murder same as PES16.

    THIS IS PS4 FFS!!!!! we’re seeing games like GOW, DAY’S END ( which is made be a small independent studio in Oregon) they’re minuscule compared to Konami yet there game looks like a NEXT GEN ( current gen ) game,

    I would say even just as an experiment Play FIFA17 Demo and compare the two, you will find a much more refined polished product (gameplay) great animations and the feel of a next Gen football game,

    Not impressed with PES2017’s graphics yeah they’re great close up but in match the lighting isn’t great no shadows or lighting textures on the pitch and the pitch looks like a green carpet night matches look extra green thats it!,

    Master League gets boring after christmas!!!, My club…………….
    Its lacklustre compared to FIFA feels incomplete, KONAMI has to learn this isn’t PS2 or PS3 its about creating the modern game experience, the whole package, if you can’t get licenses compensate, people don’t want to spend £40 just to play exhibition matches!!!

    I always said master league should be like an RPG game , with cut scenes , allowing to develop your manager off the pitch as well as on the pitch, Im telling you once FIFA make the journey version with managers… its game over!

    having the champions league license in Pro is abysmal playing with unlicensed teams is a joke, ( and teams that are in the competition but missing in the game)

    The journey will be a big addition for FIFA because its outside the box but its a mode that appeals to the consumer in this current age ( although copying Rashford)

    IMO PES will always be around but it will never topple FIFA as reiterated actually prefer FIFA 17’s gameplay massive improvement from 16 players feel weighted and alive being on the frostbite engine has brought the game time life , although PES has the better player identity but thats not to say its not in fifa!!


    As a consumer we have a choice!!!!

    Every year is the same disappointment , after crimbo didn’t play PES2016, and although PES2017 is much improved its just a much refined PES2016,

    Someone said that they where hoping for something more something different, for Konami to totally revamp PES on the next Gen stage and take it to the next level!

    me too,

  3. I love pes i play from 1997 now i have option file for all teams licensed i love pes. Let”s beat poor fifa again

  4. Why do konami all mess things up that don’t need changing. Now you can’t change haircuts – it’s just stupid !

  5. You’re right…this place is dead!. Usually with the release this page is swimming with articles, opinions etc. Looks like everyone has flown off. As far as the game goes….i actually like it except for the palyer names, kits and lack of stadiums. Finally got the version of pes that should have been released in 2013. Pes 2017 is pes 2016 with some of the glitches fixed. I just bought a ps4 so this is the first version on the new console. Not bad for a first version but konami need to up their game. I’ll never understand why they add stadiums then take them out the following year…..at least keep the stadium editor!. Thats as puzzling as the year they left league mode out. I play league mode so imagine my dissappintment when i purchased that!?. I think the game play they pretty much have down now…..now just dress it up with all the extras and then will you be able to say you have the best football game.

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