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Saudi Newspaper Confirms AFC Champions League License In PES

Following on from the announcement on Tuesday by Asian Football Confederation Head of Marketing Dr. Hafez Al-Medlej, Saudi daily newspaper Al-Jazirah has reported that Konami have indeed agreed a deal with the AFC to bring the Asian Champions League license to the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Securing the Asian Champions League license would represent a major coup for Konami with the unprecedented following that the PES series has throughout Asia. We have translated the article featured in today’s issue below as online translators tend to alternate the meaning.

“The Asian Football Confederation’s marketing division has successfully finalised a deal with the Japanese (digital) company Konami to bring the AFC Champions League to the PlayStation.

The final signatures will take place over the coming days in the Emirate of Dubai with the presence of the vice-president of the AFC Yousef Al-Serkal and Dr. Hafez Al-Medlej the head of marketing at the AFC, and from Konami the Chairman and the Head of Marketing.

The deal comes with the growing following of the AFC Champions League and the expansion of the competition between unions that fall under the banner of the AFC Champions League Asia. This will expand the base of participation in the AFC Champions League for the season between 2014 and 2016, by raising the number of participating countries from 10 to 23, according to the classification of the AFC football in accordance with the decision of the Executive Office of the Union led by acting AFC head of operations Ji Long, which was held in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, on Wednesday the 12th of March 2013.”

While we wait for official word from Konami and the AFC we will attempt to bring you all the latest news as it comes in. But given the constant reports from within the AFC and recognised media in the Middle East, this looks like a done deal.

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  • lelly

    Lol, not offended, im only using the tools off the game, we all know PES doesn’t look good, I try to make it enjoyable but im only human lol, thanks for watching, I need to put part 2 up soon.

  • sdfs

    Stop being a lazy ****er and download OF’s if a BPL licence is so important to you.

  • wswfan

    So happy, I’m from Australia and it’s nice to see Western Sydney Wanderers in PES.

  • marcus

    will it be featured in pes 2014 would love to try out new teans

  • Tribal Pes Staff

    Fuck Europe! Copa Libertadores and AFC CL are more unpredictable and more intense than any other European match – I follow them closely and I’m thrilled everytime !!!

  • Tribal Pes Staff

    J. League will come to PES 14 because of the AFC CL. Argentina would be nice along Brazil. Let’s hope so :)

  • Tribal Pes Staff

    Nice replay ! I agree with you :) I’d rather have 10 more leagues in ML than 1 single Bundesliga :) True!!!

  • Tribal Pes Staff

    Noob :)

  • Tribal Pes Staff

    Nice to see asians so happy about this move :) So, to endorse KONAMI’s financial effort, you all MUST buy the game and show them some love, otherwise they will drop these amazing leagues in the future – buying the game it’s what makes KONAMI put more effort in the PES game. This year, it will be the first time when I’ll buy the game. All these years I’ve used pirated versions because I’m poor, don’t blame me, the game costs half my sallary, but I will team up with some friends and buy it – worths the risk :) PES 14 will be amazing since PES 6 :)

  • Football Game Fan

    But it has no effect on Master League, Playing cup competitions instead of Master League soon gets pretty dam boring.

  • Locoxx

    Lol, Ok, I am sorry for saying the True, if you guys want to think that way is fine…