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PES 2010 Update Coming May 18th?

Just got word from the WEarePES crew that Konami France have informed them the next PES 2010 update is due a week on Tuesday, May 18th. This comes just hours after forum member Bigol asked Jon Murphy... Read more

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New PES 2010 DLC Hits

As most will probably know by now, Konami have launched some new DLC today. As mentioned on the poddy, it includes new CL ball, new Messi boots and some tweaking to the rosters. There’s also word... Read more

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Will We Get A WC Kit Update?

If EA have their way, no chance. Which is fair enough I guess, god knows how much they paid for the official license, and with it the right to stop anyone else doing so for nothing. But I did want to... Read more

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Update Frustrations

A quick one, but seriously, I’ve had enough. The option file creators spend hours upon hours getting the game aesthetically realistic as possible, only for these continuous updates to reset the... Read more

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DLC Fix Released

Not to say it makes up for the initial DLC being bugged when it hit, but all in all great job by Konami to get a fix sorted out before the weekend. It seems the update includes a newer better... Read more

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Konami Apologise For 1.04 Issues

Konami have released a statement apologising for major issues occurring since the 1.04 patch hit yesterday. Have a read of the header for more details, or click here. We’ll let you know when a fix... Read more