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Times Of Change

It’s crazy when you think about just how long we’ve been waiting for a proper PES, a true successor to the PES 5/6 games that graced the PS2. In 2007 we got our first cross platform nextgen game,... Read more

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Time To Right The Wrongs

March is upon us, and that means one thing – PES 2011 news is just around the corner. Last year new PES was announced in the first week of April, and I’d be taken back if a similar unveil date... Read more

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Update Frustrations

A quick one, but seriously, I’ve had enough. The option file creators spend hours upon hours getting the game aesthetically realistic as possible, only for these continuous updates to reset the... Read more

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Should PES Get Tricky?

There used to be a time when any mention of tricks and skill moves sent a shiver down the backs of PES fans. It was at a time when FIFA utilised them as cheap moves to beat an opponent, during which... Read more