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PES 2010 Launches!

Finally, PES 2010 is here! European viewers outside the UK have been taking in the delights of Konami’s latest version in the series for a day now, but today sees the game officially released on... Read more

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PES 2010 Online Guide

Before we go on, BOOKMARK THIS LINK! : http://www.konami.jp/we/online/ Konami have launched a quite excellent official user guide for all PES players, letting you keep up to date with anything to do... Read more

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Patch 1.01 Released

As most of you know who have the game, the first patch was released for PES 2010 today. Named 1.01, the update added 3 modes to the online side of things – Legends, Community and Competition. With... Read more

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WENB PES 2010 Review

Sometimes in football you have to go backwards to go forwards. Setting up play, creating space, or just maintaining possession – at times it makes sense. Football analogies aside, PES 2010 is a... Read more

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PESFan Dissect BAL!

Great article on PESFan today, talking about the Become A Legend Mode in PES 2010. It’s a mode thats lacked a bit of TLC from many places, including us, but the small feature should please a lot of... Read more