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PES 2013 Wii Gameplay Video

So, the Wii version of PES 2013 is out, and we haven’t done much to celebrate it’s launch. Neither have Konami. And to be fair, we still haven’t done much even with this post. Luckily for us... Read more

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Got PES 2010 Wii? You Need This!

Maybe I’m late to the party in quite a way with this one, especially after the many recommendations on the boards. But it’s true, as crazy as it sounds PES 2010 Wii’s experience is made much... Read more

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Wii shall not be moved!

Wii (or should I say we!) owners of the game on Nintendo’s machine voices are sometimes drowned out by all the talk of the next-gen offerings required improvements, so I thought it would be worth... Read more