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UEFA Euro 2016 DLC Coming March 24th

Konami have today revealed that the UEFA Euro 2016 content will be available first on March 24th.

March 24th will be the date that current owners of PES 2016 get the DLC for the dedicated Euro 2016 content completely free. For those who haven’t got PES 2016, the UEFA Euro 2016 game will also get a standalone physical and digital release on April 21st.

The UEFA Euro 2016 content will be added on to the main menu screen upon its release, with the standalone game including both PES 2016 and the UEFA Euro 2016 content. It will feature full iconography and presentation elements from this year’s tournament, and also includes the Stade de France stadium, which hosts the final in July. From the 24 qualified teams that feature real players with hundreds of authentic player faces, 15 fully licensed teams will be included with the latest strips for England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Northern Ireland and hosts France, all perfectly recreated. Squads will be fully up to date with the team playing styles perfectly replicated due to Player ID and Team ID systems.

There will also be a series of top-level promotions to support the content. PESLeague will be running online competitions, whilst a number of special myClub promotions are also planned. There will be a series of special myClub incentives, which include new Euro Special Agents. This allows key players that are performing well in the competition to be recruited for use within myClub. Those who purchase the standalone UEFA Euro 2016 game will also receive exclusive myClub rewards, including access to a special Ambassador Agent, seven special Euro agents giving them seven players representing the 24 qualified teams, and 10,000GP each week for 10 weeks. Erik Bladinieres, European Brand Director of Football for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. stated:

All eyes will be on France as Europe’s most prestigious international competition gets underway in June, and we are delighted to present the official game of the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament. With such a high standard of football on show, only the PES series could truly recreate it in all its glory. Our team is committed to building a game that matches the pace, skill and excitement of the competition, and introducing its depth and entertaining gameplay to a new wave of fans. Our existing PES fans are the most enthusiastic and committed of any football title, and we are delighted to be giving them the UEFA EURO 2016 content absolutely free, while our accompanying online and myClub promotions will ensure this will be a summer of football to remember.

There will also be special Euro 2016 content created for the PES Club Manager and PES Collection titles for iOS and Android. Be sure to let us know if you are looking forward to the UEFA Euro 2016 content in the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2016 DLC Coming March 24th
  1. Will this update include a gameplay patch? If manual headers STILL haven’t been fixed by then hopefully they will be for PES 2017.

  2. While I’m grateful that Konami are giving this DLC away for free, because I don’t think its worth paying for, I think they should have let EA Sports handle this license. Just look at what EA did for the World Cup game, every team licensed, even teams that didn’t qualify for the World Cup, every stadium licensed, over the top presentation and probably better commentary. Konami’s not doing this license justice.

  3. Have to agree very disappointing not every team is licensed, surprised any FA would not want their country included in the official video game. Also lack of stadiums is a major flaw not just for PES 2016 game in general but especially for the Euro 16 DLC.

    Nice to have a major tournament published by someone other than EA Sports but you can see why they are the best at using licensing to the max and giving you that tournament feel. Despite the fact not every team in Euro 2012 was not officially licensed it still included 53 teams (29 licenced).

    Euro 2016 needs a little more….


  5. only 15 teams with license and only stadium!?
    What a shame!
    I love the game and gameplay its the best out there but the license is killing me here!

  6. pes you have to make a bigger team to get this game the amount of work it deserve! if you do that this game will be one hell of a game and everbody will put their money on it for sure! get the license and you will have 50 procent of the fifa gamers to come here

  7. Crazy – Euro 2012 EA didn’t have the license for the teams of Poland and Ukraine – the hosts! Thought that was bad enough but now PES only have 1 stadium out of all available – wtf and 9 teams unlicensed? They must have paid a fortune for the Euro 2016 license why not exploit it? Ok we can put the new kits for the missing teams no problem but how can you claim that the game will give the player the authentic feel of the tournament when you will be playing the game over and over again in the same stadium!!
    World cup 2014 and EA released a world cup update for ps4 users as free DLC which added new teams for the tournament with kits and a new presentation and ONE stadium.
    Players felt cheated and the game got very boring playing the same stadium over and over. The atmosphere was there for the first game or two but then was disappointing.
    I think this smacks of laziness on Konami’s part.

  8. EA’s track record hasn’t been that great either the 2012 EURO did have all stadiums but didn’t license Ukraine one of the hosts! And thought it had all 53 teams many others didn’t have real kits and real players. The 2014 World cup had all players but was only old gen. And it had fewer stadiums and kits than the 2010 game. For me both Konami and EA have let me down this year with their offerings.

  9. If the qualifying rounds aren’t included with this, then what are Konami really adding on with this game mode besides an official license and a couple of more licensed teams and one stadium. The Euro 2016 tournament is already in game. There’s no way Konami could have charged gamers for this.This seems to be nothing more than a glorified data pack.

  10. Please konami now is your chance to please the fans,and put some fake stadiums In.I don’t think it is asking a lot.

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