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UEFA Euro 2016 Out Now on PlayStation

Konami have today announced the retail release of their official UEFA Euro 2016 game on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The UEFA Euro 2016 game comes featuring the whole PES 2016 package, which also includes the recently released UEFA Euro 2016 content. It features full iconography and presentation elements from this year’s tournament, and also includes the Stade de France stadium, which hosts the final in July. From the 24 qualified teams that feature real players with hundreds of authentic player faces, 15 fully licensed teams are included with the latest strips for England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Northern Ireland and hosts France, all perfectly recreated. Squads are also up to date with the team playing styles perfectly replicated due to Player ID and Team ID systems.

If you’re getting the physical release, you will be given a a code for a series of very special myClub promotions for use within the duration of the tournament. These include access to a special Ambassador Agent, seven special Euro agents giving them seven players representing the 24 qualified teams, and 10,000GP each week for 10 weeks.

Take a look at the official launch trailer and let us know if you have purchased your copy today in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2016 Out Now on PlayStation
  1. 15 licensed teams and 1 staduim. Great job konami! >:( people will only be able to enjoy this for a few days and then they are done with it. Theres not much you can do

  2. waooo thank you konami for hard work best game ever i played i play every day a least 6 hours nice job lets donate money for konami.

  3. You call that hard work? You sir are an complete idiot! Why should we donate money to konami if they keep doing a shit job!

  4. Don’t bother mate..

    The guy was dropped on his head at birth.. You’d get more sense talking to a brick wall..

    It baffles me.. I’m not sure if he works for Konami or just a complete fucking retard..

    It’s idiots like him that contribute to the series crumbling like it is/has been..

    & he says he runs a business..?? Sitting behind your pc screen, smoking pink cugars & talking shit 24/7 is not a business.. Get a life..!?

    The kid needs to retire..

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