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PES 2013 PS3 BLES Issue Has Gone?! *Updated*

*UPDATE! OUR OPTION FILE WILL WORK WITH BLES 01708, 01709, 01710, 01746.*

Fans reporting BLES code mismatching, could be a blessing!

So, first of all, fans who download options files for the PS3 will know what BLES codes are. It’s the code on the spine of your PES retail box, and it determines which option file will work on that version. So, for example, this year the UK BLES code is BLES 01708.

Now, here comes the confusion. Team member Roi Gafni released an OF for a different version, but found when he exported it the code was different to what it said on the box!

Here’s what he had to say.

The Bles code which is written on my box and on my disc is 01709 but when I transfer the OF from the hard drive to a USB i found out that my work has been saved for 01708 bles code which is ODD. I don’t know if it’s mistake and my Bles code is actually 01708 (despite it’s written otherwise on the disc/box) but it’s worth checking it out.

There’s a slight chance that this year we might be able to download different OF for different bles code. The file will work for¬†Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Netherlands and Middle east countries.


So, please download Roi’s OF and check if it works for your game. If it does, then please let us know in the comments, while typing down your BLES code! Download it here.

There’s a truly wonderful chance many more people will be able to enjoy our WENB Option File!


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  • ola

    Hey. Works out on the swedish version too.


    This is my first PES in a good few years. Amazing to have her back!

    I am a also a complete simpleton when it comes to option file malarky

    Is there an idiots guide to uploading one?

    Where can I get this mythical option file?

    Any help would be beyond appreciated!

    Thanks gents

  • M. Junior

    NOT in BLUS. – Brazil

  • Ash

    the OF works in UK

  • Superbyntje

    Thanks for THE OF looking forward to 1.1 and by THE way THE Of workshop with THE Dutch version

  • Nuno

    The OF is also working fine with the portuguese PES version

  • salem_UAE

    Yes, Middle East ^^ We are waiting

  • amrit

    hey i just bought the game .though im in Vietnam. I had downloaded the option file.. now if i was to save it to an USB and then try to upload it to my PS3 how does that work? please someone help me.. it would be great if i could get a reply by email at thanks a million.. Btw.. i love the new game.. !! awesome!

  • Waheed Khashaba

    the bles No. is 01709 and working perfectly in saudi arabia, but i hope to fix all fake names and if adding the All Npower Championship teams it will be great :-)

  • milanello

    it works on BLES 01710 !

  • khriz1990

    any news of the OF for the united sates version

  • Orrid

    Great OF so far guys, turns a great game into an awsome game!

    When will the N Power Championship teams be completed….. then we’ll have the perfect OF!

  • Jio

    Ever since I downloaded the 1 st upate pack, my ps3 seems to crash while I’m in edit, Is this happening to anyone?

  • bw

    is there a list of the players with the boots that are causing the crshes ?