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Vote for WENB in the Games Media Awards!

Visit Winning Eleven Blog for all your PES news? Like our honest, unbiased news, reviews and previews? Then this is the chance for you to give something back!

Its time again for people to vote for the annual Games Media Awards and we would be extremely grateful if you would give a vote our way. Whether it be WENB as a whole or an individual writer (hint, hint), you can vote in the following categories:

Games Magazine
Games Website
Specialist Writer – Print
Specialist Writer – Online
National Newspaper – Writer
Mainstream Magazine – Writer
Games Video
Games Radio and Podcast
Games Blog
Rising Star
Coverage by a Mainstream Website
Top Tweeter
Games Media Academy
Games Writer of the Year
Games Media Legend

The team at Intent Media and Indigo Pearl will crate a list of finalists from each category and pass it over to a panel of 150 judges. To place your vote, simply email by July 26th and let them know who you will be voting for in your chosen categories.

If you do vote for us, here at WENB we thank you for your continued support and look forward to delivering fantastic PES content to you guys in the future.

Thanks to ShopTo for the information

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  • lelly

    Also check out my latest video (YOUTUBE: lelly2sxcgametime) its a MLO video and watch 3:00 up to 3:30 and form 9:07 to 9:40, 2 problems with PES that definitely need sorting.

  • Zado316

    Will do

  • Please Be Good!!

    PES demo’s are always better than the full game, I expect no different every year.

  • Justin Rose

    Dear WENB,

    First of all, I must give credit where credit is due. So I shall now list your positives:

    1. WENB is very quick and efficient at reporting the latest up-to-date PES news.

    2. WENB has the nicest layout of any PES fan-based website, and is the easiest for navigation or posting up blogs.

    3. WENB produces entertaining and informative podcasts.

    4. WENB is incredible at editing and releasing FREE option files!!!

    Please guys, do remember that in the old days game editors actually used to SELL USB sticks with the relevant updates etc but now we have the fantastic Rob and co to supply us with days or even weeks of their hard work for FREE!!!

    Please lets be very grateful and humble for that!

    5. WENB does allow people to (politely) express their opinions. The only people who actually get banned are rude people who cannot correctly articulate themselves without swearing or insulting other people, but so long as we put things in a humane manner, WENB won’t stop you from expressing your views.

    6. WENB does provide feedback to Konami.

    Although, perhaps from now on, the feedback could be better organised, documented and co-ordinated so that Konami can understand it more clearly than they currently do.

    7. WENB is very well-known and respected amongst a worldwide PES community (involving other countries).

    …Moving on…It is not so much that I will now discuss the negatives but rather I do pose a number of questions…

    1. Could WENB perhaps create its own OFFICIAL PES feedback FORM – as in a set form or page or survey or whatever for each individual fan to fill in (NOT forum – just incase anyone is confused), becuase I doubt Konami themselves log on to any WENB forums and read through its multitude of comments, but perhaps WENB could create some kind of format to better process PES feedback (maybe even mathematically with voting percentages or numbers or charts or graphs etc) before it is then sent on to Konami – I have previously suggested methods about how this could be achieved.

    We have many methods of feedback such as blogging on the forums or posting videos (thank you Lelly & Saleem) – but we just need to gather it TOGETHER (like a presentation) and as a single unit. This way WENB can speak to Konami with one voice and therefore not bamboozle Konami with voices coming in from all angles.

    2. Would WENB wish to consider actually challenging its position with Konami? Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the politics. People can get upset on here if they feel that WENB are too biased towards Konami (and any of their such marketing or hype – as opposed to the harsh realities) and that WENB can sometimes not be open or accepting enough about the faults of PES, but that may not be WENB’s fault. It may be the case that if WENB hit Konami between the eyes (with the complaints of its fans) and too direct a manner, then they could risk being simply “struck off” by Konami, and that would in turn put us into an even worse position as fans (OR MORE ACCURATELY PAYING CUSTOMERS) than we currently are in.

    3. Don’t forget guys, that Konami are a multi BILLION pound organisation who could quite happily tell WENB to “piss off” (excuse my language) at any time, so a careful balance must be taken. However, could WENB consider putting its fans first by trying harder to be more direct with Konami so that the PES series can be better steered into the right direction? “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but we do have to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing for what we want to achieve.

    4. Also, guys lets realise that the past is the past, and even Konami themselves have admitted that up until this year (and therefore for many years) PES has been based upon the tech of an outdated PS2 tech engine. There could be many reasons as to why this has happened. Saving production costs? Underestimating FIFA’s development? and so on. But there is nothing we can do about that except to let go of our frustration and look towards the future.

    The point is that we now have an imminently brand new era to look forward to, and just as much as any frustated PES fan, I myself can’t wait to archive PES 2013 away into the museum where it belongs!

    Believe you me, I will not be missing PES 2013 for dust, but I do have high hopes and optimism for Konami’s capabilities (so long as they are actually willing to invest boldly with some real money, technology and staffing resources).

    Truthfully, I do have a good feeling about PES’s forthcoming engine because Hideo Kojima himself has put his name, his experience and his reputation on the line by endorsing into PES game from his own personal contribution (or at least implementing certain parts from his “FOX engine”). Hideo Kojima is already an established legend who has proved himself to produce the goods especially when he has spent years working hard on his new creation. Trust me, this guy is no fool. He knows exactly what he is doing and I believe he will be the saviour of the PES series!

  • Nicholas (00L4)

    Sorry! But WENB has no credit at all. As long as you take money or goods to stand for something or someone, you’ve lost your right to put out your opinions.

    Keep walking WENB! Keep moderators pretending they’re regular readers to defend you.

    Gimme a break!

  • Please Be Good!!






  • lelly

    I honestly think Konami feel they have something awesome on their hands and want to build anticipation for E3 or the Pre E3 show, they should have atleast told us if the PS4/ XBOX ONE is getting it this year aswell as the VITA by now, this year has been really bad between the fans and Konami as we are clueless to what they have done this year, they told us last year that PES 2014 was gonna be fox engine PES so nothing really new this year and not even a screenshot of ingame footage, last year was totally different, im sure they was giving news out from last March on a regular basis, this year its been a total flip.

  • AsimT

    Guys, we appreciate all the comments, but it’s a bit harsh to call us this and that without any substantiated proof. We are not bound by Konami at all. Yes, we have a close relationship with them, but that in no way has an impact on our views. Sure, some mistakes were made in the past (early days), but Adam and co were honest about them and moved forward.

    Our opinions and views are exactly that, we are not held back by our relationship with Konami. We just choose to put our feedback across in a professional way rather than rant and rave. If we do that it’s not going to help us, Konami or you, our valued community. At the end of the day we want a great PES game, that is why put in the hours and work hard to bring you varied content.

  • Suffwan Eltom

    Hilarious comments by some people.

    Konami marketing tool? I don’t think anyone has been as harsh or as vocal about PES problems than myself. WENB has always tries to be objective. We have good cops and bad cops.

    Internet Bashing ≠ Constructive Criticism