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WENB EU Base Option File!

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Due to unforeseen circumstances (prequel data issues mainly!) WENB are proud to officially release the base file for this years game. The file has technically been live for a couple of days now, but with the editing team currently hard at work to ensure as complete a file as possible is with fans as soon as possible (please read below) we wanted to make the wider community aware of the base file which is currently ready for installation. We are also delighted to inform you that this Option File will work with any EU BLES version of the game, which is an unexpected but more than welcome bonus.

**This Option File will be updated 28th September (one week today) with full Bundesliga squads, stadiums and much, much more!**

Version 1.00 contains the following:

1) Team Emblems added for EPL, Bundesliga and Liga Zon Sagres teams
2) All Leagues and cups names corrected (except We league/cup)
3) League and Cup emblems/logos have been added
4) Actual names for Zon Sagres, EPL and Bundesliga unlicensed teams
5) League structures edited
6) Correct kits, logos and badges for all EPL and Bundesliga teams

Download Link:

DO NOT COPY OVER THE SYSTEM DATA FILE FOUND IN THE SAVEDATA FOLDER! Some people are reporting that this could well wipe your online pass if you have already entered it via the PS Store. Also, be sure to follow the instructions found in the installation guide regards how to avoid trophy support loss.

Installation Guide Link (important):

To keep up to date with WENB’s best ever OF, be sure to follow the team @WENBediting and follow the forum thread for this base file HERE

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  • Psiego

    Good OF. thanx. it is now 28-09-2012, at what time will the second update / optionfile be on line (Bundes liga stuffs.

    Thanx great job

  • bahlol baloty beh

    i hope on 28th on this month , all leagues need up-to-date please no just Bundesliga

  • Seagull


    Your “reports” are more suited to the forum. Try clicking the link at the top of the page and see if anyone is interested in reading your drivel in there.

  • Justin

    1. @ Zado – thank you for agreeing with me buddy. I would say that PES 2014 should borrow all the BEST elements from 2013 such as manual shooting (I especially love the guidance arrow) BUT in some other areas they definintely need to re-build and re-think the game from scratch such as crossing and headers.

    2. @ Seagull – dude take it easy there please. Nizam is a well respected member of this community and he certainly has valid points. They are not drivel. I agree with what he has reported. I am interested to know what you Seagull think of the game so far.

    The game has only just been released so it is only natural that everyone is excited to report their new discoveries. I am sorry to say that currently this game is riddled with flaws, (I am being honest) but I will be saving my judgements for mid october when the next patch is released, becuase if Konami weren’t fighting against FIFA on a marketing level, then the game would not have been released until mid october anyway.

    The point is about understanding WHY this situation is what it is…

    Konami are not stupid and they must know that the game has not been completely checked and tested (I am referring to both game modes as well as gameplay), BUT for marketing purposes they HAD to get this game out earlier than FIFA to have a chance to compete over the sales and the fan base.

    Of course, that leaves us hardcore PES fans disappointed with a currently unfinished product. I say CURRENTLY becuase I am confident that Konami will sort this out eventually like they did to an extent with PES 2012 and I would be very surprised if they do not provide several patches over the course of this season in order to fix up all the various issues to the best of their ability. Ok yes some people insist that each patch of PES 2012 made that game worse, but not in my opinion. As I said before, in the end version 1.06 was still flawed but nevertheless an enjoyable game!

    The future of the PES series faces a sink or swim situation that pins its hopes on the next game engine. Konami simply have to get this right or they could end up losing out to EA forever.

    I will declare this statement here and now… I am praying that PES 2014, with its new engine, will be the real deal becuase I am not willing to accept any further unfinished PES releases – its simply unfair on the fans and consumers, paying out their hard earned money, who will eventually lose patience and move over to FIFA – even if EA are an unethical financially monopolising juggernaught.

    I understand Konami’s battle against EA and that from a financial stand point it is David versus Goliath (we all love an underdog) BUT lets realise that we are all far poorer as individuals than Konami are. Apparently they are worth BILLIONS as a company YES BILLIONS! (google it if you like) – so I begin to ask why should I feel sorry for them and their marketing battles? I am sorry but guys thats not our problem!

    Its very simple – we want to buy a product that delivers and is fit for purpose and as long as that happens we will remain loyal customers. Konami have my support for a further year but the clock is ticking…

  • Nizam

    Seagull, how old are you? why do you think what I said is ‘drivel’? Let’s have your comments on the game then? Am I not entitled to give some of my viewpoints?

    Justin, thanks for the kind words mate. I always enjoy reading what you write even though you’re a Man U fan *spits*

    I’m only joking.

    Yes, I’m a LFC fan :)

  • Nizam

    @Justin, at first I like others was salivating at the thought of what PES would be like when the FOX engine kicks in but…the reality is more likely to be yet another game with more niggles and bugs…and the excuses coming out then will be that it was KONAMI’s first attempt on the new engine and that the following year when PES 2015 is released it’ll truly be the real thing…

    You just know that’s the way it’s going to work out!

  • Andricez

    Anyone know where to get a US Option File (Blus 31029)? I had one from Daymos last year and it was amazing……..8(

  • Justin

    @ Nizam you are probably right my friend – we will just have to wait and see. If anyone knows where in Central London Konami’s new studio is opening then please let me know. I am planning to offer to work for them for 6 months for free to prove my worth before trying to secure a permanent position there.

    I respect LFC – Brendan Rogers certainly has his work cut out and again in that department we will have to wait and see.

    P.S My money is on Real Madrid to win the champions league – they look hungry this year

  • salem_UAE

    1. Passing
    2. Shooting
    3. More freedom

    1. Set piece needs alot of improvements or remove it to be more PRO
    2. I don’t like that running like Robin (robotic running)
    3. There is no League Mode ???


    @Andricez and anyone else LOOKING FOR A USA PS3 OF go to this link I had nothing to do with this OF I just saw it on a different forum figured I’d give all you USA players a heads up.

  • salem_UAE

    I want to know if there is no league mode in PES 2013 so why I want Bundesliga in the game!!!

    PES has full license of BBVA but for what? for me Im enjoying to play ONLINE mode but many people abset about that. This is first time to play the game WITHOUT LEAGUE MODE !!!!

  • Andricez

    @BIGENY thanks for the link the of is great! now just waiting for the transfers and I can start ML. 1n


    @Andricez no problem dude! i think im going to start a ML with a la liga club and do some of the major transfers myself to hold me over cuz i dont think the dlc with the updated roster wont come until mid oct. that and play borderlands 2 and fifa lol

  • Keegan

    Has anyone else noticed how stats and player faces drop once you use this download? As a Newcastle fan it pissed me off to see Steven Taylor, Ryan Taylor and Shola Ameobi look like their old PES selves once I put this OF on my PS3. Most of the players stats dropped. Is there any way to go back to default player ratings without re setting every single player individually? Other than that great work and I’m a massive fan yet again of your work here on WENB.

  • Keegan

    More great work! Coming from a very picky fan.. Has anyone else noticed a lot of player faces have been set to the old badly edited Pro Evo ones? For example Shola Ameobi, Ryan Taylor, Steven Taylor, Joey Barton and Andy Carroll have all been set to the old school Pro Evo no resemmblance versions. Wondering how I can default all player data? Also stats for the Newcastle team have been massively reduced!! Going through every player to reset data individually is boring.
    Other than that the kits look amazing and the effort is far from wasted!

  • MattyKi

    I have followed the instructions perfectly but my PS3 says there is no data on my USB stick when i insert it, it’s formatted and everything. Anyone know why this would be? Thanks in advance!

  • federico jacome

    manages the Link please respond

  • Cristiano Al Arab