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WENB Goals of the Month Coming Soon

It’s all been a bit quiet around here recently!

We are in the off-season at the moment and that means everything is a bit slow. That’s why the WENB team has decided to start a Goals of the Month competition!

We invite you to send in your best goals under the following conditions.

We understand most videos will be filmed via a phone camera, but please try to make your entry as watchable as possible!

When sending in your video, please supply your name, game difficulty and, if you would like, your Twitter handle too.

Send all videos to and we will have the first GOTM video up soon. We will reply to all entrants regarding whether or not your video will be included. If it isn’t, please don’t be discouraged and make sure you try again next month!

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  • lelly

    I want to submit this goal I have already uploaded, do I have to send the file to you or can I just send you the link, it was in ML on Superstar difficulty

  • Nico

    send an email to with the link to the video, we will do the rest!

  • Zado316

    Man nice goal. But I do have to point out that the crowd chanting n commentary in pes are the worst of all the sports games out there. It just sounds like noise, it’s so annoying. I usually mute the TV, or listen to something else.

  • Guest

    PES 2013 | Bicycle Kick | Man United vs Real Madrid

  • Salem Milan

    PES 2013 | Bicycle Kick | Man United vs Real Madrid ..

  • Salem Milan

    PES 2013 | pandev Napoli | بيس 2013 | بانديف نابولي

  • Salem Milan
  • Salem Milan

    PES 2013 Middle East fans goals playlist (42 videos)

  • Nico

    guys, please email the videos, don’t leave comments here.

  • lelly

    Thanks, I edited the commentary otherwise it would have been worse, if you go on my YouTube channel and check out what I do with Swansea you will notice I took off the commentary but not the crowd and commentated myself while playing myself, was abit tricky but was LIVE commentary so it had some emotion, what the PES commentators are missing, im making a ‘what needs to be done for PES 2014′ video, I will post it here when its made and would appreciate your feedback and anyone else who watches it, thanks

  • lelly

    Thanks, makes it alot quicker for myself, do we get to see the main contenders of GOTM or just the winner? You know you liking the volley.

  • Ministry

    Whats the prize for best goal?

  • Nico

    All of the goals.

  • Nico

    No prizes at the moment, we will see in the future.

  • Timuçin

    Is it ok to post edited compilation videos which I dont have replay files anymore to record goal by goal?

  • Timuçin

    or nevermind, I didnt score those this month anyway. I will post one of my crappier recent goals :P anyway commercial break:

  • Peter

    I have some MLO goals – 40 yards one is not the only one U will like -