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What To Expect When You’re PESpecting

Feeling a little anxious about this year’s PES? When will it be announced? When will we see it? Well… you don’t have long to wait.

Eight weeks on from the EDGE reveal of the “New Engine” and PES fans continue to wring out the internet for information on the forthcoming PES 2014. Eight weeks is a long time but Konami have a plan in place, a timeline that they intend to follow in order to make sure their product is well understood and received. We all want to see more of Konami’s new game engine that promises so much, but only they will know when it’s ready.

The words printed on the pages of EDGE Magazine Issue 252 and the subsequent POM Interview with Kei Masuda are filling hundred of gaming forum threads around the world. Some statements might be taken out of context, due to translation errors etc, misleading various communities. This situation was further amplified with constant links to Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid V (Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain) following earlier comments by the PES team about sharing some of the FOX Engine technology within Konami. But the majority of what has been reported has just tickled the nerve endings of every football gamers hands. It’s important at a time like this not to over-analyse what is said by the development team and gaming journalists, instead absorb those words and imagine how it would impact your playing experience.

For those who are too anxious, rest assured this years’ PES will be unveiled by E3 at the latest. This is a big year for the PES Productions team and Konami as a company. PES remains a major focus for the Japanese developer, as it has surprisingly managed to maintain it’s following in major global territories through the dark early days of this current generation (PES 2008 made me cry on camera in the middle of the Gamescom show floor, it was that poor). We must remind ourselves that this engine has been in development for some time now and if anything the developers themselves, Masuda et al., are probably more desperate than us to unveil their new baby.

Its a patience game, and PES 2014 will be announced at or before E3. I urge you to spend as much time playing PES 2013 as you possibly can right now. The honest reality is that once you have seen PES 2014 in motion, you might just decide you can’t look at 2013 with the same affection anymore.

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  • Tribal Pes Staff

    Let’s hope so! If they fix Headers and Remove Through Balls Spam Fest, the game is ok if we adding the AFC Champions League :) I really like playing PES with Jenkey’s Gameplay Tools :)) It’s mesmerizing ! highly recommended !!

  • lelly

    Theres alot of things PES does right but the things that they haven’t got up to scratch like GK can’t be ignored and also the long ball spam fest must not be in the next PES, if it is all the good work with the AI will be ignored

  • Adam Osman

    The difference is that PES Productions have a relatively small presence at conventions like E3, whereas BMW would be right at home at said car show.
    You think people in LA really care about PES, let alone football as much as the other games – like the shooters and next-gen titles? Of course not, and you’d be in denial to suggest they do.
    PES will pass by completely under-the-radar if they don’t create a public sensibility now. E3 is too late to say “look what we’ve made!!!”; especially in the USA.

  • Adam Osman

    Sorry, just to clarify: this 3/4 week wait is – or is not – killing you?
    I’m worried about you, and would hate for someone to die in anticipation of PES 2014.
    Please respond.
    Love, mum.

  • Chaose109

    Haha – just found out the pre-e3 event is on june, got 3 weeks to wait – promise i wont kill myself by then mom :P lol

  • Pastor_Zakilowski

    EA screws over their PC-users…..this is your chance Konami!

  • Zado316

    Pes 2013 sucks, it’s not ok, there is a lot more to fix in that game! I olny praise Konami for the progress they have made since 2011 with this sh!t engine.

  • Zado316

    U shud join the UN as a diplomats! There wud be peace in the Middle East! So in a way the war there is ur fault cause u have not stopped it yet! Get to Work! Lol.

  • Lando

    I think Konami got intimidated by EA’s pre-rendered BS video :-/

  • chris cruz

    agree. PES 2013 is infested with exploiters, glitchers and spam. Thanks to pass assist this is actually the worst online experience in sports gaming (1v1 anyway). Lets see if the online features have been addressed as I am ready to jump to fifa now and word of mouth will take others with me.

  • disqus_UChk7oiY6v

    u are totally right u cant stop C. Ronaldo Konami must do some things to make the football to have reason why we are playing this is for kids with this players