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Latest PSM3 Issue Talks ML

Nothing new in this months PSM3 magazine regarding PES, which hits the stands Aug 6th. I guess it was something that wasn’t that hard to predict, especially with the way Konami are so focused on... Read more

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New PES 2010 Ad Boards Appear!

A massive thanks to EddyH for signing up to the boards and letting us know this bit of news. Eddy went to help out his club AFC Wimbledon (a supporter run non league football club in England), and... Read more

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Tricks Return To R2/RT

Just a quickie, got word from our friends in Konami that the tricks are indeed no longer on the d-pad/left analogue stick. They are now performed with a combination of holding R2/RT, with subtle... Read more

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PESFan Interview UK PES Star!

The guys over at PESFan have just published an interview with UK PES Star winner Rikki T. There’s some details in there regarding when the ad shoot takes place, and Rikki’s plan to convince... Read more