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Back To Basics

Just got back from my little journey away, and was greeted with this incredible video released by Konami Japan: Thats what I’m talking about! Back to basics, when they used to release videos this... Read more

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PSM3 Review PES 2010 Tomorrow!

Yep thats right, we have confirmation that friends of the site PSM3 have secured the world exclusive review of PES 2010! The issue hits tomorrow in the UK, so be sure to pick it up and see what Dan... Read more

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WENB Update

With me and Suff being pulled away from our WENB duties for the rest of the week because of our real life jobs, I thought I would give you guys a quick update on what’s happening in the world of... Read more

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WE 2010 Online Tests At TGS!

Massive news from the Tokyo Games Show! Our man on the floor fernando_we sent me an email with this incredible news! Let me tell you that they had online play test machines. You played from the... Read more