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PSM3: PES 2010 News Within Weeks

Good old PSM3. Known friends/supporters of Konami, they support the series more than most these days. In the latest issue they not only have a fantastic feature on PES 2009, there’s also a hint at... Read more

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Thank You!

I’ve come back to whole host of emails, and some of things I tend to sort through at the end of the month is how many hits the site is getting. With the figures just in I want to say thank you to... Read more

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Back From Barca

What an experience. The sun, the footy stadium, and the women beach (went with the missus!). A nice break away, and even nicer that I’m back with some news regarding the site! ... Read more

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PES 2009 Wii Out Today!

Konami’s Wii masterpiece is finally out today. As you might already know here at WENB towers we love the game, giving the game 9/10. Watch/read Dave’s review by clicking here. If you’ve got the... Read more

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“PES, What I Want From You”

It’s not common that I’ll link a forum thread on the front page. It takes some creative writing, really well thoughtout statements and have the ability to ignite a reaction in all of us. Named... Read more

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Community Focus: PES Chronicles

A site that’s been around as long as WENB, but not one we’ve ever posted about. After scanning the internet recently for other PES communities, PES Chronicles was consistently popular and well... Read more